If I’m on campus late at night, I can’t hep but find my self wandering these halls. The smells, the silence… Every single time, it feels like coming home. #ucf #svad #vab (at UCF School of Visual Arts and Design)

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My schools football team is playing in Ireland on Saturday and they keep posting pictures and I’m really jealous.

I wish we all could go :’(

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good morning from level 7 #ucf #kp 🌞

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Need something to do on a Friday night? 

Valencia College is hosting a screening of 10 X 10’s Girl Rising, following the lives of nine tough girls in the developing world.All are welcome to attend.

Visit for more information! 

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Tips for Surviving at UCF


Our first week is over. Are you Freshbloods scared yet?
Don’t be! I promise it will suck, but it will get easier! I’m finally a senior after being a super junior for three years, so I have some tips for you!

  • Do not be afraid to ask for directions, no matter what time of the semester. Most of your peers will be happy to show you which direction the building you are looking for is. True, there are some that will lead you astray for a joke, but most won’t.
  • Parking will always be abysmal. Take the first spot you can find and walk if you have to. Would you rather spend five minutes getting a spot and walking, at most, 20 minutes across campus, or spend an hour in the parking lot trying to find a spot close to your classes and then rush because you’re already late? Trust me, walking is easier and you get exercise, which you’ll need for Freshman Fifteen.
  • Yes, Freshman Fifteen exists! You know why? You are finally living on your own. You can eat what you want, when you want it. You WILL take advantage of that, and most of the time, ice cream for a meal may be your final option until you get your next grocery money check from Mom and Dad, or until you can get a chance to go to the store.
  • Brother Micah and others like him DO COME TO UCF. Feel free to bash them all you like. Plenty of us do. Our UCF Jedi takes care of most of it, but we’ve been known to spout out the “Word of Optimus Prime” and the “Word of Skyrim” to counter. Do not take what they say to heart. That is how they get you riled up. Take it with a grain of salt, show it doesn’t bother you, and laugh that they are stupid enough to say the things they say.
  • Unfortunately, the pro-life people do set up on the free-speech area as well. They will come armed with massive posters of aborted fetuses and will try to tell you that no matter what, abortion is never an option. I’ve tried asking them about “What if the mother is at risk or will die if she brings the child to term” and they’ve always rebutted with “I’ve never heard of that”. They are not well educated. Do not listen to them either. So far as I know, campus police can be called on them due to their posters. Don’t quote me on that though.
  • Religious people will almost always be around the library, on the side by Colburn Hall. They are the nice ones, so don’t be snarky to them. Politely tell them you are not religious, or that you have a bus to catch, or even stop to talk to them. I had one of them tell me that religion doesn’t make you a moral person, and that I was perfectly fine to be an atheist.
  • Better yet, don’t be snarky to any of the religious people that aren’t spewing nonsense like a psychopath. Those calmly passing out flyers are just standing in one place, willing to talk to anyone who will listen. They are also usually willing to listen to you.
  • Look forward to spring, for we have Universal Knights! We get to take over Islands of Adventure one day in spring, from 6PM to 2AM. All other patrons of the park must leave at 8PM.
  • Do not tread on the seal in the Union. It is just a tradition, but don’t do it anyway.
  • Always and forever check  before you add your classes. There are some profs here that teach only because they have to if they want their research grant. There is always a risk that such profs have little training in teaching a course, or they REALLY don’t want to be there and take it out on their students. Yes, this is true.
  • Traffic! Yes, traffic! I’m sure you noticed that this week. Don’t sweat it, it will get better. However, my advice is to learn the back roads to get anywhere fast. I try to avoid 50 and Alafaya as much as possible.
  • In your homes, and with your cars, LOCK EVERYTHING. What the school will not tell you is our record of break-ins, robberies, shootings, stalkings, the list goes on. Please, please, PLEASE be very careful. I don’t want anything bad happening to any of you. Campus police will be more than happy to escort you home if you feel like you need it. They can be contacted via (407) 823-5555 or by dialing 911. Do not feel silly for feeling you need the escort. It truly is better to be safe than sorry.
  • FIND YOUR PLAN OF STUDY NOW. I didn’t know about plans of study until it was too late, and now I’m stuck with two art history classes this semester. I’m terrible at history! Every college has their own plan of study, so find yours as soon as possible. If you do not see it on your college’s website, email your adviser for a copy to fill out. STICK TO THIS PLAN.
  • THERE IS AN ANTHROPOLOGY CLASS FOR PIRACY. I’M NOT KIDDING, TAKE IT IF YOU NEED A FREE SPACE FILLED. The class is called Archaeology of Caribbean Piracy, with Professor Peter Sinelli. Trust me, you’ll love it. Hell, take a look at a lot of the anthropology classes we offer if you have a slot to fill. These are all legit classes.
  • Look around and research your textbooks before you purchase from the book store on campus. 99% of the time, other websites will offer the text for much cheaper than campus (sorry UCF, it’s true and you know it!). Don’t rule them out though. Sometimes campus will be cheaper than online. Research!
  • Lastly, and most importantly, enjoy the time you have here.It goes by so fast, and when you finally sit in your chair in your apartment or dorm as a senior, like I am now, you will be terrified of what is to come next. But remember, you are not alone in your journey. Make friends with those in your major. You are going to be facing the same things they will, maybe in differing order. This way, you can share books, notes, ideas, and you will never miss an assignment. 

Good luck on your adventure, Freshbloods. And be proud to be a Knight!
P.S. Get an annual pass to Disney or Universal, or hell, even both. You will need that break!

This is a super super awesome list of tips!!!

Also, I (Rebekah) am in Arch of Caribbean Piracy this semester and Sinelli is a great prof. He also teaches Archaeology and Popular Culture which is a great class.

It’s been a very busy first two weeks of the semester, but now that we are back into the flow of it blogging will resume :)

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Happening right now at the UCF student union. Too bad I can’t stay! :( #ucf #seenatucf #ibelieve #teamusa #usa #wc #wc2014 (at UCF Student Union)

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Love my school 💛 #ucf #reflectionpond

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June 27 is National HIV Testing Day, which is an annual campaign to encourage people of all ages to get tested for HIV. And at PPGO, we’re providing FREE HIV Testing at our East Orlando Heath Center! Appointments are encouraged, please call us today for your FREE HIV test: 407-246-1788
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