Happening right now at the UCF student union. Too bad I can’t stay! :( #ucf #seenatucf #ibelieve #teamusa #usa #wc #wc2014 (at UCF Student Union)

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Love my school 💛 #ucf #reflectionpond

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June 27 is National HIV Testing Day, which is an annual campaign to encourage people of all ages to get tested for HIV. And at PPGO, we’re providing FREE HIV Testing at our East Orlando Heath Center! Appointments are encouraged, please call us today for your FREE HIV test: 407-246-1788
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the only thing im at college for tbh (MADE IT TO THE TOP YAAAA)

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my campus is so beautiful.
happy summer solstice !

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The reasons I chose to go to UCF


1. The campus is absolutely the most beautiful campus I’ve ever been on.
2. There are over 500 student organizations so there’s DEFINITELY a place for everyone. I plan on joining an a capella group or the glee club. Maybe a service fraternity? I don’t know. Haha
3. The hospitality program seems…


I can not wait for fall semester <3

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Wrong school, buddy.
UCF Problems

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Nice lady I met on Sunday in a gift shop in town, along with her husband who both went to UCF! 🔸▪️🔸▪️They stopped me when they noticed my shirt and asked to take a picture with me 😊✨

Knights in France!

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Leavinnnnn on a jet plane. Dont know when I’ll be back again. #ucf #ucfalum #proud (at UCF Reflection Pond)

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