If anyone in the Orlando area is looking for a furry friend, my adviser gave me one of these flyers. Her colleague found four kittens in their backyard.

The kittens have all been to the vet, gotten their shots, and are fixed. The family who found them has allergies though and needs to find permanent homes for the kittens.

So if you’re interested, the numbers are on the green section. And if you don’t think you are interested in adopting, still spread the word because it would be nice if these little guys didn’t wind up in a shelter.

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Lake Claire @ UCF

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BEAT MIZZOU. The bye week is over and it’s back to business against one of the big boys. Charge On Knights!

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joke: UCF wifi
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Campus is gorgeous

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florida’s excess hours policy is fucking stupid. its like “hey, let’s put this policy into effect for student who are shoved into university too early so that they don’t know what they want to do with their lives, who end up changing their major 3+ times, and CHARGE THEM EVEN MORE than the already…

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To Write Love On Her Arms at UCF is out by UCF’s free assembly lawn for World Suicide Prevention Day, memorializing students lost.

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UCF, did you know we have a LOT going on next week? Free meals, great speakers, and expert field training will ALL be available in celebration of our 20th anniversary! 

If you plan on coming to an event, we ask that you PLEASE RSVP to let us know how much food we should be ordering. Click here to see our list of events. We’re expecting to have a fabulous time with our wonderful students, alum and staff, so you don’t want to miss it! 

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#ReflectionPond #UCF #ChargeOn

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