Is everyone ready for some more football Thursday??

Click here to support Please Help Max- UCF K9 by Summer Tayon


EVERYONE!!! please help donate to this non-profit!! the UCF K-9 Unit is a non-profit organization on campus that my business group has teamed up with to raise money! Max one of the current service dogs has a physical issue and will most likely need to be retired within the next year! all of the money we raise will go towards Max’s vet bills, as well as the costs that go into purchasing and training a new service dog! if you can’t donate please take a minute to share the page! thank you!!!!

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#nofilter #ucf my campus was having a beautiful day. Just the perfect view to sit back to.

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UCF is beautiful 💛

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Everglades in Orlando


The fact that my doodle in math came out decent made me super happy ☺️

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We’re closing the 2014 Season with a bang! Join us on Oct. 19 to celebrate 5 years of Orlando Roller Derby! Tickets are only $5 - Let’s #PackItUp!

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Come on guys. It’s a parking garage. Not rocket science. #UCF #ucfproblems

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Beautiful Sunset against the Millican Hall mirrors. #BeautifulSunset #ucf #Knightslife #knightro #knightscreation

Millican Hall is such a pretty building

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Charge On

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