the only thing im at college for tbh (MADE IT TO THE TOP YAAAA)

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my campus is so beautiful.
happy summer solstice !

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The reasons I chose to go to UCF


1. The campus is absolutely the most beautiful campus I’ve ever been on.
2. There are over 500 student organizations so there’s DEFINITELY a place for everyone. I plan on joining an a capella group or the glee club. Maybe a service fraternity? I don’t know. Haha
3. The hospitality program seems…


I can not wait for fall semester <3

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Wrong school, buddy.
UCF Problems

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Nice lady I met on Sunday in a gift shop in town, along with her husband who both went to UCF! 🔸▪️🔸▪️They stopped me when they noticed my shirt and asked to take a picture with me 😊✨

Knights in France!

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Leavinnnnn on a jet plane. Dont know when I’ll be back again. #ucf #ucfalum #proud (at UCF Reflection Pond)

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grad cap! gonna ollie out of high school with style 💃
#ucf #goknights

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Maybe this year i will take a better photo.

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Campus greenery. #ucf #green #trees (at UCF Gazebo)

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