grad cap! gonna ollie out of high school with style 💃
#ucf #goknights

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Maybe this year i will take a better photo.

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Campus greenery. #ucf #green #trees (at UCF Gazebo)

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Oh btw, if you want to join the UCF Quidditch team and you’re athletic to some degree or like running a lot, please contact me, thanks 

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Starbucks Opening Ceremony


This is the video of the new Starbucks opening ceremony on the UCF campus. Thank you business services for putting this all together.

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#UCF is beautiful! Maybe I should transfer…?!? #florida #universityofcentralflorida #orlando #summer

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It’s been real! #UCF #chargeon #goknights 💓🔜💓

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the financial aid office at UCF is probably the gate to hell

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Take a shot every time a UFC post ends up in the UCF tag

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About to get our BBQ on at the new UCF 4Rivers.

If y’all haven’t been there yet, I highly recommend it. It is on University right next to the new Wawa

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