As seen on campus…

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A wonderful night of music and performance. I love my school so much!

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Symphony under the stars :D #ucf

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Two of my wishes are in there! #UCF #WishingWell #HappinessDay (at UCF Student Union)

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Game 1 to #UCF!

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A #UCF-#Louisville baseball double-header to determine 1st place in the #AAC in conjunction with $1 hotdogs has all the makings of a great afternoon.

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So this just happened…

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Soo today is Happiness Day apparently! I just happened to walk through Student Union and it really made my day! I love my school and I love when they do little things like this that can totally turn my mood around. Go throw a wish in the wishing well! 💛⚫️💛 #UCF #HappinessDay #wishingwell #studentunion

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The line for scantrons in the union.

Finals week. 

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I am speechless.

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