Only 12 hours left to win the runner up challenge for the PINK Campus Showdown!

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Shoutout to UCF for mishandling financial aid in general and specifically for forgetting to include my $5500 waiver that’s part of my scholarship.

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I want us to win again 💁

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#UCF lighting candles for #StevenSutloff. That’s the beauty of a candle— you can share your flame with someone & you will lose nothing. You only gain. (at University of Central Florida)

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Vigil for our fallen knight, journalist, Floridian, and American: Steven Sotloff. If you don’t know who he or James Foley is, please turn on the news.

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Candlelight Vigil for Steven Sotloff tonight. Rest in Peace #UCF #AlwaysAKnight

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This is my favorite part of campus


I don’t want to go to the gym or the mall or college parties, I want to find the best place to watch the sunset

Reminder that the Victorias Secret Campus Showdown starts Friday, so if you want to win another PINK party be ready to vote!

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